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March 9, 2014
by sarahjane

What We Have Been Up To

We have been working on Science Fair projects. Many students in our class have not done Science Fair projects before so we decided we would do some experiments and enter them into the Eagle View Science Fair as a class. Last week we did 5 different experiments, went through the scientific process and Monday we will get ready to present our projects as a group. Each child will be part of a small group who will present to the judges during the Fair. I have tried to introduce various ways to record and observe.

Students have chosen, or in some cases names have been drawn, to determine which experiment they will wish to present at the Fair. I welcome you to stop by and view the projects on Tuesday afternoon or ask your child to tell you about the experiments we have completed in class.
This is a video we all created using video as a observation tool. After we recorded our observations and learn about the science of why the leakproof baggie works.

March 1, 2014
by sarahjane

Science Fair Week

March 3-7 is Science Fair Week in our classroom. We will be doing a different experiment each day! At the end of the week we will have 5 Science Fair projects ready for the Science Fair. These will be very simple experiments which will teach how to do create a science fair project. At the end of the week students will choose which project they would like to co-present at the Eagle View Elementary School Science Fair on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

***If your child is doing a project at home they will still participate in the class experiments but will present their personal projects at the Science Fair***

The experiments will be answering questions posed by myself and the students.  The purpose of the next 2 weeks will be to learn how to pose a scientific question, how to observe and record reactions and how to create a presentation of learning.  Wish us luck!

February 16, 2014
by sarahjane

Winter Sports

Students will be accessing Matt Gomez’s Blog to learn about various sports.  Hopefully we will they share our writing on an app of each student’s choice. Thank you to Matt for compiling a great research of videos for my students to use!


This week we will be concentrating on the various Winter Sports in the Olympics. The learning outcomes we will address this week are to read fluently and demonstrate comprehension of grade appropriate information texts, such as

  • -non‐fiction books
  • -materials that contain simple diagrams, charts or maps
  • -web sites designed for children
  • -instructions and procedures

We will also be focussing on retelling and summarizing

  • -using ‘text features’ to locate information
  • -using graphic organizers to record information

and we will create a variety of clear personal writing and representations that express connections to personal experiences, ideas, and opinions,featuring

  • -ideas supported by related details
  • -sentence fluency using a variety of sentence lengths and patterns
  • -experimentation with word choice by using new and different words
  • -an emerging voice demonstrating a developing writing style
  • -an organization that is meaningful and logical


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