Honestly, October was So Busy!

We have been working hard in Grade 1 & 2. Learning how to learn is hard work, but it is fun. We have been talking a lot about honesty this month in our Classroom Champions unit.  Sometimes telling the truth is hard and we don’t want to do it. We have read several different versions of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, including The Wolf Who Cried Boy.
We discussed how and why being honest is important.

To sum up the month of October it was busy!! Check out this short slideshow to see some of the things we are doing in our class.

Our Busy October on PhotoPeach

Roots of Empathy

We are very lucky to have Mrs Hagen come into our classroom and do the Roots of Empathy program with us. The highlight of this program is that we have a baby come and visit our classroom once a month. Baby Hazel and her mom Michelle visited our classroom on Tuesday. I was so proud of how respectful and kind my students were with our visits.

After they visited we used Explain Everything to write about this experience. This was the first time we downloaded pictures from Dropbox, used Explain Everything to write and then uploaded our work back to Dropbox. This will become a way that we will often share our learning with you. I hope you enjoy this little video.

Back to School Pep Talk

Welcome to Grade 1/2!

I am so excited about the new school year.  I can’t wait to meet you all and learn about new things with you this year.

I wanted to share with you some of the amazing opportunities we will be having this year.  We have been very lucky to have been chosen to participate in a program called Classroom Champions   this year.  Classroom Championis a year long program that is;

A kind of 21st century pen-pal, each athlete mentor adopts 3-10 classrooms per year. Focusing on their own personal journey, athletes teach about the hard work of training, goal setting, competition and perseverance. Using video lessons and live video chats, students are engaged with their athlete mentor several times per month. Our organization supports teachers by helping them incorporate these activities into their curricula, focusing on letter writing, reading, geography, math, technology, goal setting and leadership.

We have been assigned a Classroom Mentor who is an extremely accomplished athlete and has participated in this program last year.  Who is our mentor you ask?

Well it’s a surprise!!  

You will be finding out who our Athlete Mentor will be in September, see you then.

King Penguins

Things to think about:
What are the important pieces of information that you learned from this video?
How could you write an interesting first sentence to hook a reader?